Location #3

Tia Juana's Mexican Food at 9550 El Camino Real. This was clearly one of the old "Cabin Style" motels, and was probably called an auto park when it was built. It's similar in style and construction to the Motel Inn in San Luis Obispo. I am still trying to find the original name and build date of this business and will post it soon.

Updated 1/29/2011.... Thanks to a geocaching friend, Laurie, aka (Oreo Pony), I now know that the name of this motel at one time was the Beauty Sleep Motel. She sent me a picture from what looks like the 1040s showing a view of the front of the business. The building at the south end was, at that time, a gas station, and the building at the north end was a restaurant, as it still is today.

View looking to the south. This was probably the office.

These cabins behind the current restaurant are now small apartments.
There is a large quad in the center of the cabins. There may have been a pool in here at one time.
Another shot of the south side of the quad.
A couple cabins along the west side of the quad.
View of the frontage looking north. At the intersection of ECR and Old Santa Rosa Rd.
View of the front as it looked in the 1940's. (Photo courtesy of Laurie from Atascadero).


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