Location #6

These are two service stations at the intersection of Traffic Way and El Camino Real. The current "The Auto Shoppe" at 6040 El Camino Real, and the connected "Smog Shoppe" at 6060 El Camino Real were "Jim Greene" Texaco in the 1950's. The current "Atascadero Muffler Service" at 5970 El Camino Real was "Jim's" Douglas station also from the 1950's. The old Carlton Hotel is on the southeast corner of this intersection and is currently being renovated by the Weyrich company.

View looking northwest of the old Texaco staion.

View looking southwest. A Coke machine has replaced the old gas pumps. I think they're both about the same price per gallon today.
Shot of the business that occupies the back of the old Texaco station now.
View looking north across Traffic Way at the service end of the old "Jim's" Douglas staion.
The covered gas pump area of the old Douglas station. Now a small used car lot. This is just east of the above photo.


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