Location #2

The next three locations, 2,3,and 4, detail the exposed portions of the old highway in the 5 mile stretch just east of Bradley Rd. between the south Bradley bridge, and the town of Bradley. As with most of the old route in this area, the original road was made of coarse cement, was approximately 15 feet wide, and in some areas was later covered with a layer of asphalt. Location #2 covers this stretch from just north of the bridge up to about 1 mile to the north.

When looking at these oldest sections of the original road, I often wonder how two cars could pass each other on this very narrow strip of cement. I think the answer might be that in 1912-1915 when most of this was built, there just were not that many cars on the road. The Ford Model T didn't go into full production until 1908, and before then, automobiles were just too expensive for most people. If and when two cars came together, one or both would probably just pull over to the side to make the pass, just as we do on one lane roads today. And back then, they weren't traveling at 80 mph.

View of the old slab facing north just north of the south Bradley Rd. bridge.

.3 miles north of the bridge. View looking south.
Same location as the above photo, facing north.
This is 1 mile north of the bridge. View looking north.


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