Location #5

This location is the east end of the town of Bradley. The old Bradley Hotel was in this area, as was the Bradley Country Store, and the church. The church is still there, and is still a church. The store is gone, but the building is still around, and the hotel is completely gone today. Also included on this page is current and past views of the original highway route before 1930 when it came in from the east on Meadow, turned south on Pleyto St. for 2 blocks, then west on Dixie until it turned sharply to cross the original N. Bradley bridge.

View facing northeast as the old highway angles into town.

The old Bradley Country Store building as it looks today.
The store when it was in operation. Year unknown. It was apparantly the post office also.
The old chuch at the east end of town.
Close-up on sign.
View looking east on Meadow. The original route came through here.
View facing south on Pleyto.
Similar view as above photo in the early 1900's.
View looking north on Pleyto from Dixie St.
Similar view as above photo from around the turn of the century.
View facing west on Dixie St. from Pleyto
View looking west on Dixie St. from Monterey St.
Looking east on Dixie St. from the school.


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