Location #8

This location is on the northeast corner of Bradley Rd. and Monterey Rd. directly across the highway from the old Allen Motel. Known as the Sea Plane Inn, it was a rare combination gas station, restaurant, zoo,and later a truck stop. It was also a Pickwick station, which was basically, an early version of a Greyhound bus depot. Henry Veach was the original owner, and quite a unique character in the history of the town of Bradley. He actually had one of the best zoos in the state at one time in this location called the "Menagerie". He had monkeys, exotic birds, ostriches, alligators, deer, coyotes, and even a bear. According to Atwell Brown, during prohibition, Henry would hide a stock of booze in the bear's cage. I'm still trying to figure out why it was named the Sea Plane Inn, since there is obviously no sea and no planes anywhere around. Apparanty Henry gave it the name just on a whim, and never really gave anyone an explanation for it.

View looking northeast from Bradley Rd.

Vintage photo of the Sea Plane Inn when it was in operation. Year unknown.
This old photo shows it at a time later when the pumps were gone. The Texaco and Townhouse restaurant can be seen across the street.
View looking northwest showing the old pump island, and today's CDF buildings in the background.
View looking directly north from the pump island.
View facing northeast showing a small building. This may have been a restroom/shower for the truck stop.
View facing east from Monterey Rd. This portion may have been the restaurant.


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