Location #9

Location #9 includes the old Texaco service station and the Townhouse Restaurant near the southwest corner of Bradley Rd. and Monterey St.. The Texaco actually was originally an Associated Oil station and was built by Hazel McKentee in 1936. After the war, it was changed to a Texaco Station, and remained in operation for seventeen years after the freeway bypassed the town, but eventually had to be closed because of the high cost of replacing the underground tanks. According to Atwell Brown, who ran the business during all that time, the tanks actually were from an even older Richfield station that used to be where the motel was, and after eventually digging them up later, found that they never did develop any leaks.

The Townhouse Restaurant was also originally owned and ran by Hazel McKentee, and her son, who ran the full bar. It was built in 1935. At one time there was a huge tower sign with "Bradley Cafe" on it, but it's gone now.

View looking southwest from the old Sea Plane Inn showing both the Texaco garage, and the Townhouse Restaurant.

View of the Texaco garage facing south. It looks like from the signage that it may have been a used car lot at one time also, or maybe that is just an add.
This is how the station appeared in 1948.
View facing southwest of the old Townhouse restaurant..
View of the Townhouse Restaurant looking south from Bradley Rd. If you squint, you can still read the Townhouse on the upper right of the building above the door.
View looking southeast of the corner. Apparantly they served good food, beer, and wine.
It was quite common with restaurants of this type to have the restrooms outside. This one was actually shared with the Texaco next door.


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