Location #10

The old Standard Oil bulk plant located on the north side of Bradley Rd. at the west end of town just before the original route turned south to cross back over the Salinas river. Sam Harrington was the original operater and owner. Barry Gilmore, the current property owner was kind enough to let me in to take these photos, and informed me that the plant, which was sort of a gas and diesel fuel distribution point, was in existence here before 1928.

View looking north of the main building. According to Barry, there were many cement foudations that have since been removed.

The old office of the bulk plant.
This is a classic old gas pump, but it was not from here originally. Barry informed me that this was from Parkfield, Ca.
View of the west wall of the mail building showing where the old cirucular Standard Oil signage was.
A garage located on the east end of the property.
Another view of the south wall of the garage. Barry says that you can still read the word "PETROLEUM" here, but he must have better vision than me.


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