Location #12

The remains of the original north Bradley bridge over the Salinas River. This bridge only existed approximately until 1933. I'm still researching this, but I have some information that there were a lot of problems with this particular structure, and that it was eventually taken down, and replaced by the current north Bradley Rd. bridge in 1930. According to Atwell Brown, the bridge was very narrow, and had sharp turns at both ends which caused numerous accidents when cars began using it in larger numbers. The original route of 101 went west through town, then made a sharp turn to the southwest just about a block west of Hall St.. It then crossed over this extinct bridge, turned northwest, and parralleled the current 101 route for about 1/2 mile.

Updated 1/29/06.... Three shots added taken from the current 101 freeway.

View facing southeast showing some of the old supports from the current north Bradley bridge.

This is the only know photo of the original bridge. View looking southwest from the town. (From the collection of Atwell Brown)

View facing southwest from behind the school showing one of the old bridge supports.
View facing southwest from Bradley Rd. as the old route went through the small cut toward the old bridge.
View looking southwest from the cut. The first two supports of the old bridge can be seen in the center of the photo.
Closer view showing the first two supports.
View looking southeast at the first support.
View as seen from near the current 101 freeway.
Closer of view from the freeway.
The last support to the west.


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