Location #B

The south Bradley bridge over the Salinas River. This location shows views of the current bridge which was built in 1940, and what's left of the old bridge which probably dates back to around 1915 when the original California Route 2 was built, and later designated US 101 in 1925. The only thing left of the old bridge is a portion of a cement support on the north end of the river. Some pieces of the old cement highway were used as rip-rap on the south end of the current bridge. I'm still researching the history of the old bridge, and will update as soon as I can.

View looking south of the old road as it leads up to where the old bridge used to be.

View looking north just south of the old bridge location. That old farmer in the shot is my dad, William Wilson Jr.. He's standing over where the old road is.
View facing south from the north side of the river. The new bridge is on the right, the SP bridge is to the left, and a piece of the old bridge is visible in the lower center.
Close-up view of the remains of the original bridge.
Old chunks of the cement road used as rip-rap on the south end of the current bridge.
More of the rip-rap.
Close-up view of the pieces of the old road. Note the very coarse cement matrix and the asphalt layer on top.
View looking north of the south end of the current S. Bradley bridge.
Construction on this bridge was completed in 1940.
Another view of the current bridge looking north.


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