Location #1

Locations #1 and #2 in this section are both on the Porter Ranch just north of Bradley. The original highway is in good condition here and is accessed from the locked gate just north of the Bradley road north juction off the current freeway. From there it winds through the Porter Ranch property for 1 mile until it merges with the current freeway near the Jolon Rd. junction. Janet and Norman Buchman who live in the home on the ranch and operate it were nice enough to let me in to get these photographs.

Location #1 covers the southern half of this stretch starting at the gate at the southern end of the ranch.

View facing south at the southern end of the Porter Ranch. The freeway is on the right, and the current N. Bradley bridge is just out of view at the top.

View of the old route looking north from the same location as the above photo.
View looking north from .1 mile north of the locked gate. The cement is exposed here, and the old road is 15 ft. wide.
.3 miles north of the gate. View looking north.
Same location as the above photo. View looking south.


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