Location #4

Locations #4 through #7 were all accessed from a locked gate at the northern end of the property owned by Sam Avila. This gate is located on the east side of the freeway about a mile south of the Alvarado Rd exit. Margaret Avila was kind enough to meet me at the gate, and let me in to capture these images, and all the milage measurements used here are relative to this gate. This area is one of the most beautiful in the entire project, and I hope you enjoy looking at these shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Location #4 covers the old route in the area from 2.7 miles to 3.2 miles from the north gate, and begins at a spot near a couple of freeway billboards where the old highway emerges from under the current freeway and meanders north between the freeway and the Salinas river. At this location we are still on the Porter ranch property.

3.2 miles south of the gate. View looking south at the spot where it intersects the current freeway, which is just behind the trees.

View facing north from the same location as the above photo. The old road is a bit overgrown here.
3.0 miles south of the gate. View looking south.
Same location as the above photo. View looking north.
Another view looking north from a point just north of the above photo.
2.7 miles south of the gate. View looking south.


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