Location #9

This location covers the area between the Alvarado Rd. exit from the freeway up to about 1 mile south of the Los Lobos Rd. exit. The old route through this area is either under the current freeway or has been obliterated in the area where the oil wells are located just on the east side of the freeway. These oil wells are owned by Texaco-Chevron, and the area is known as the San Ardo oil fields. The oil in the ground here is very viscuous, and they actually inject steam into the wells in order to be able to pump it out. That,s what a lot of the piping is that you see around the wells.

View looking north from the Alvarado Rd. exit.

View looking south from near a bridge over the Salinas river 1.4 miles south of the Los Lobos exit.
Same location as the above photo. View facing north.
No, this is not Texas.


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