Location #10

Pismo Beach Automotive at 690 Price St is on the SE corner at Pomeroy. This was built in the late 1940's. It was C.J. Peck Mobil Gas in 1950, and became Bob's Veltex service in 1960. Tony Renteria is a part owner today, and was kind enough to let me copy a couple old photos that he had in the office.

Updated 3/11/2007...... Unfortunately this building has now been demolished, and is now just a vacant lot.


View facing south from Pomeroy Ave .

This looks like the footing from the old signage.

Closer view showing the office.

View from Price St. looking north. Tony either has a lot of customers, or he works slowly.

I'm not sure what I'm looking at here, but it looked cool, so I took the shot.

The old pump island has been transformed into some kind of workbench.

This photo shows how it looked in the 40's when it was a Moble Gas station. Photo courtesy of Tony Renteria

This picture looking north down Price St. in the 1950's was also furnished by Tony Renteria.


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