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This is the original highway bridge over Pismo Creek. It was designated Route 2, and replaced a previous bridge at the same location. It's rare to find a steele bridge of this type still in existence today. They were built when Model T's were the rage, and cars were few and far between. As automobiles boomed in the 1920's, most of these were destroyed, and newer, wider, and stronger bridges were built to support the variety of cars, trucks and traffic. I was also lucky enough to find the original design specs for this bridge at the SLO County Historical Society archives, and have included a couple pictures of them on this page.

Updated 6/26/05..... Panoramic Image added. ( Need Java Browser Enabled )


View looking south. Yes, its getting a little overgrown these days.

View facing north as it crosses Pismo Creek just yards west of the SP rail bridge over the same creek.

Another view looking north. The bridge is actually closed now to all traffic.

This sign is located at the south end of the bridge near a gate that leads to the old Price House, which is the next location.

Close up view showing some of the steele railing and beams.

Another view looking south from Bello St.

This is a portion of the original design specs for the bridge. Courtesy of the SLO Historical Society.

The plan legend showing the date of March 6th, 1912.


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