Location #18

This location is still being researched. It's located at the very north end of the Factory Outlets and near the freeway overpass of the railroad tracks at the south end of Pismo Beach. I'm not even sure yet if the highway went directly in front of these businesses or if they were on a off-ramp or a frontage road. These businesses are Vallarta's restaurant at 220 5 Cities Dr., The Perkos restaurant across the street, and Bridge St. Home Funishings at 271 5 Cities Rd.. All I know so far is that Vallarta's looks like it may have been an old burger joint or restaurant in the 50's, the wedge shaped building now occupied by Bridge St. Home Funishings was built in the early 50's and was originally a Nash car dealership, and Perko's was at one time a Bob's Big Boy restaurant.


The current signage for Vallarta's.

View of Vallarta's facing west from across 5 Cities Dr. Near the Perko's.

View looking north of the entrance.

View of the rear of the building. That wavy roof sure looks like 50's art decco to me.

Another view looking northeast.

This is the building occupied now by Bridge St. Home Funishings. Definitely 50's art decco roof design.

View looking east. I can easily see this as an old Nash dealership with cars inside visible through those huge windows.

It must have been fun to build these kind of roofs.


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