Location #19

This location covers the place where the original Route 2 crossed the SP railroad tracks just south of the old steele Pismo Creek bridge. It's a noteworthy spot, because it was the last unpaved stretch of 101, and was an uncontrolled railroad crossing. There was apparantly a small building here at one time that served as a token railway stop that was negotiated by SP with John Price for permission to use his land for a right of way.


View looking north toward the 1912 steele bridge, and the SP railway bridge on the right.

Same place as the above photo looking south. The small station building was in this area.

View looking southeast of where the old route crossed over the tracks.

There's very little remaining here of the old road, but this is where it came through just east of the tracks.

Not much left of the old SP station at Pismo Beach.

This was probably part of the foundation or walls of the building.

Another view of the remains of the Pismo station.


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