Location #4

This location is on Bello St. at the intersection of San Luis avenue and is across the street from 1241 Bello. Bello St. marks the route of the original county road through Pismo Beach, and later Route 2. This is obviously an old motel, and consists of 8 units in the main building facing Bello St, and 2 seperate units in the rear. It is currently magaged by Lighthouse Properties.


View looking south down Bello St.

Closer view of the northernmost unit. Note the single stair at this end.

View looking northwest from San Luis Ave.

Wider view looking north along Bello St.

View of one of the units in the rear. This may have been the office at one time.

View looking north of the back of the main building.

Closer view.

Closer view of the front of the southernmost unit. Note that their are 3 stairs on this end. These were probably all wooden origianlly, and the hand rails added later.


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