Location #2

The original San Ardo bridge over the Salinas river. The original route of 101 went over this bridge, and came into San Ardo on Jolon Rd. The bridge was replaced in 1930 by the current bridge to the north, and was taken down. Only the cement supports remain today.

View looking east from the west end of the bridge.

Another view from the west side of the river looking east. The old supports line up like dominoes.

Close-up of one of the supports. It looks sturdy enough, but like Bradley, it wasn't designed to support the traffic.

This is how it looked in the early 1900's. This view is looking west. By the car, you can see how narrow it was. Photo courtesy of William Brinan, and the San Ardo Library.

View looking south from the current San Ardo bridge.

This is the current San Ardo bridge. Built in 1930, and has undergone some recent modifications.


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