Location #6

Miranda's store on the north side of Cattlemen Rd. near it's intersection with Main St. Now owned and operated by Marcel Miranda, this was originally a Texaco station. The store, even today, serves as a convenient stop for passing motorists, although Marcel likes to tell customers that they're really in San Lucas.

The little 5 unit apartment building behind Miranda's building is what is left of the old Travelers Inn motel.

View looking north from Cattlemen Rd.

Marcel relies mostly on " word of mouth " advertising.

View looking east showing the drive thru with the pump island on the right.

View facing west.

View of the east side of the back of the building.

Close-up of the old pump footing.

The back of the building. Probably used as a residence, or an office for the motel.

View looking west of the west end of the motel.

Units in the center of the motel. Note the garages. You only see that in these old motels and motor parks.

East end of the motel.


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