Location #6

Valley Auto Service at 139 Traffic Way. This was built in the early 1940's and was first known as Shaffer's Richfield station. It became an autorized AAA road service station in 1955, and has been Valley Auto Service since before 1960.

View looking north from Traffic Way.

View of the south wall of the building. The original bathrooms were on this side, although one has been walled over.

Closer view of the office and entrance. A lot of remodeling has been done here.

The size and shape of these old remains of a pump island makes me think that the station may have served diesel trucks here also.

More garage or storage space on the north side of the property.

View of the north side of the main building. The bathroom looks like it was added on later.

I used to have an old Dodge 3/4 ton truck, so I've seen these before. It's a safety cage used for inflating split rim tires. Today, only some large trucks use these type of wheels.

I'm not an expert on old vending machines, but this looks like 1960's vintage to me.


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