Location #7b

I decided to add this section late. This is the bridge over Arroyo Grande Creek on the curved section on Traffic Way. It was built in 1932 when it was decided to re-route traffic in Arroyo Grande, and by-pass the turn on Branch St.. Highway 101 was routed over this bridge from 1932 until the current freeway bypassed it in 1959.

Updated 6/13/05.... Additional pictures were taken after the bridge repair and modifications were completed.

View from the south side of the bridge facing northwest. Current repairs being done on the south side the bridge have closed one lane.

Same view as above after the 2005 modifications were completed.

This is stamped into the curb on the northeast corner.

View looking west showing the repair work.

Another view of the south side showing the supports.

View looking east.

Similar view as the above after the modifications.

Closer look at the new lights.


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