Location #A

Cuesta Canyon Park. The original pre-1932 alignment of the highway split off from what is now Miosi Rd. at the north end of this park. It crossed over a small creek that feeds into San Luis Obispo Creek, then continues north, crosses under the current freeway, and continues north on the east side as Fox Hollow Rd.

View facing east as the old highway approaches the bridge. Cuesta Canyon Park is to the right.

View of the south side of this small bridge.

Embedded in the east wall of the bridge is this contractor stamp. H.D. Payne

View from the bridge looking west. The park is on the left. The original route curves to the left near the top of the photo on to Miosi Rd.

View of the north side of the bridge.

View looking east from the bridge. The grassy knoll is the current freeway which was built in 1952.

View facing west from the current freeway.

Close-up showing the original cement with the asphalt covering.

This is a view looking north from Miosi Rd. at the point where the pre-1932 route splits away toward the park.


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