Location #B

Fox Hollow Road. The original pre-1932 route follows what is now called Fox Hollow Rd. in the area just east of the current freeway across from Cuesta Canyon Park. The alignment is just on the north side of San Luis Obispo creek, continues east up to the home of Tom Dawson, who was nice enough to let me onto his property to capture these great images. From there, it veers north and merges with the 1932 and current freeway routes. According to Tom Dawson, this property was originally owned by Harold Miosi.

This is just east of the freeway looking east. SLO creek is to the right.

This was just such a nice spot, I had to get a shot of SLO creek here.

View looking west.

Close-up showing the weathered old cement with asphalt patching.

Another view facing west near the creek.

This is facing southwest, and shows the creek in the background.

View facing west near the entrance at the south end of Fox Hollow Rd.

View looking west from the gate at the end of Fox Hollow Rd. on the property of Tom Dawson.

Closer view of the same location as the above picture showing a very old survey benchmark.

Same spot as above looking east past the Dawson home on the right side.

Another view looking east, a little further up.

View looking west from where Fox Hollow Rd. veers north.

Same spot as the above photo looking northeast.

View looking north as Fox Hollow Rd. instersects the freeway, and the 1932 alignment.


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