Location #C

Resevoir Canyon Road is about 550 yards north of the Fox Hollow Rd. on US 101. Just as you turn east onto this road, immedieately to the left is a property owned by Lorraine Zuyderway at 2702 Resevoir Canyon Rd.. Directly in front of this home is a 80 yard stretch of the old pre-1932 alignment. The current occupant, Jerry Mueting, was kind enough to let me in to take these pictures.

View looking north from near the front gate of the property.

Close-up of the original cement, with asphalt covering.

View looking south with the old 15' wide highway directly in front of the house.

Another view looking south. The hill in the background covers the old highway, and was built to access the freeway when it was graded in 1952.

View looking north from the north end of the property. Freeway is up to the left.

The original cement was obviously not the "fast-drying" type. This is a footprint of a passing coyote.


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