Location #F

I almost missed this spot, and it turned out to be one of the most picturesque and well-presevered sections of the old pre-1930's alignment. It's located just on the west side of the current freeway at a point about .8 miles south of the intersection of lower Stagecoach Rd.. It's not really visible easily from the freeway, and can only be accessed from a small turnout near Call Box 101-323. This 165 yard section of the old cement road loops around some trees and crosses a small creek just west of the southbound lanes.

This would be the south end of the loop looking south. The freeway is to the left on the other side of the fence.

View looking north as it approaches the small bridge.

Close-up showing the familiar cement with asphalt patching.

View looking north of the small bridge.

View showing a portion of the west side of the bridge.

Its very overgrown, but you can see that at some time, the original bridge failed, and the top was replaced. The broken halves of the old surface were left underneath.

Closer view of the failed bridge section.

View facing south with the bridge in the foreground.

This classic shot is just north of the bridge looking north as the old path loops toward the current freeway.

Another shot facing north a little further up.

View looking north from the end of the loop. You can just barely see the freeway in the background.

From a position on the side of a hill just at the north end of this location, you get a good view of the loop here looking south with the freeway visible on the left.

This is a very different matrix in the cement here. Possibly some local serpentine rock was used here.


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