Location #3

This section of the Cuesta Grade is what I refer to as the "horseshoe turn". It's a complete 180 degree turn on the west side of the current 101 located about a mile from the bottom of the grade. Its an excellent sample of the old cement highway, and there were probably other turns similar to this on the grade that have since been removed to make way for the current freeway. This area is not drivable, but can be accessed by a gate at a small turnout on southbound 101.


View looking south of the "horseshoe turn" from southbound 101 freeway about halfway up the grade.

View looking west at the south end of the turn.

View looking east toward the south end of the turn. Currenty highway is visible at the top.
View looking north of a slumping section near the center of the hairpin.
Close-up near same location as above photo showing detail of rebar used in the slab construction.
View looking west at the northern part of the hairpin. One can only wonder how many cars went over the edge coming down the grade here.
View looking west showing the north part of the turn.
Close-up of curb at the northernmost point of the turn near the highway gate. Shows rebar used in curb construction.


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