Location #4

This is the southernmost area of the Cuesta Grade where the old cement highway is on the east side of the current freeway. Located directly east of the "horseshoe turn" the old road begins to wind its way up the grade here. This area is not drivable, but is accessible through a gate at the south end about 50 yards from the northbound freeway at a large turnout. The morning that I took these shots was very foggy, thus the rather eerie look.

View looking east from the northbound freeway directly across from the "Horseshoe Turn". Access gate is near the center of the picture.

View looking west toward the access gate.
Same location as above picture, facing east.
View looking east as the old cement road enters the first canyon turn.
View looking east approaching the canyon turn. White objects on left are temporary freeway dividers used during the 2001-2003 Cuesta widening project.
Apex of the first canyon turn. Looking north. Drainage runs under here near the curbs.
View looking northwest as road exits the canyon turn.
Looking north as road continues up the grade.
Slumping section looking north as the old road move up the grade. Higher gravel road forks off to the right at this spot.
Small area of asphalt patch near a short rock culvert about 150 yards above the canyon turn.
Rock culvert. View looking south.
Close-up of broken section of curb showing the use of dioritic granite in cement composition.


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