Location #6

This area is just to the north of section #5, and contiunes north to the summit of the grade on the east side of the current freeway. It also includes some shots from the very top of the grade. As of 2/7/04, this section is largely incomplete because of difficulties getting to several of the canyon areas by foot.

Updated 6/09/05.... When I took the shots for location #A, I decided to hike up the side of the cut on the east side of the freeway at the very top of the Cuesta Grade. This small section of the old cement road is about 30feet vertically above the current freeway.


View looking southeast of the last canyon before the summit.


View looking east of a small section of the old road just south of the summit.
View from south end of parking area just below the summit. The dirt road follows the original path used by mules and oxen in the days of the missions and before Stagecoach Road was built.
This is the section that I shot up the cut on the east side of the freeway.
View looking north with the summit in the background.
View looking south down the grade.


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