Location #A

Added 6/09/05.... Because of the recent very heavy rainy season, Cal-Trans was forced to deal with some landslide problems on the Cuesta Grade. At this location, on the east side of the freeway about 1/2 mile south of the summit, they were nice enough to bulldoze a temporary path to get equipment up on the hill which allowed be to easily access a section of the old cement highway that I previously was not able to get to.


When they cut the path, the cut into a buried piece of the old highway.

Geologists in the future will be puzzled by this rare formation of cement with iron rebar poking out of it.

View looking east from near the freeway. The path is here, but the cement is buried.
View looking north as the old road curves around the canyon. The cement is exposed here.
Close-up of the exposed cement with asphalt covering.
View facing north.
I guess the mud built up here over the years. I just thought this looked cool, so I took the shot.
View looking back south down the grade. This area near the top was incredibly steep. Must have been fun to drive in those old cars.


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