Location #9

This location is near the corner of El Camino Real and Cypress Ave. at the very north end of town just south of the freeway junction. The original 15 ft. wide concrete alignment can be seen here as it make a small loop on the west side of the current ECR. According to Loren Signorotti, there was an old Shell station here in the 1920's which is now the front part of his house. That Shell station was owned at the time by Dennis Signorotti. Also Loren was told that the original alignment made a rather sharp "S" curve at this spot, and was the cause of many accidents in the early years.

An aerial view showing the old concrete loop in the yellow highlighted area.

South of Cypress Ave. View looking south toward ECR.
The front part of this home was the original Shell Oil station.
Another view of the old alignment looking south.
View looking north from Cypress Ave.
View of the old concrete facing south from north of Cypress Ave.
Same location as the above photo, facing north with ECR in the background.
View looking south from a bit further toward Cypress.
Another shot looking south.
Same place as the above photo, facing north.
Close-up showing the familiar concrete with asphalt covering.
A nice clearly defined edge here. The width is 15 feet.


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