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The Greenfield section begins about 1.5 miles south of the town of Greenfield, California, near Underwood Rd., where there is a small section of the old concrete highway. The original route on highway 101 is pretty simple here. It follows the current El Camino Real through the town on Greenfield. There is a small concrete loop in the north end near Cypress Ave that is the oldest alignment that existed between 1912 to 1930. The section ends at the very north end of town where El Camino Real merges with the current 101 freeway. The route follows the freeway from there all the way up to the south end of the Soledad bridge over the Salinas river. The current freeway bypass of Greenfield began in 1961, and was completed in 1966.

Greenfield is another agricultural based community, and was not incorporated until 1947. It's also one of the few towns along the 101 route that never had railroad service at any time. The SP tracks are on the east side of the Salinas river several miles east of town.

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