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The four motels shown on this page are all on the south side of Broadway between Canal St. and Seventh. I would still like to get more information on these, and will update the page as soon as I do. In addition to these motels, Chris Cavette notes that the 1939 listing of the Lindy Motor in, a deluxe motel with (tiny) private garages, steam heat, and "every city convenience", at 743 Broadway, but it must have been recently demolished. It would have been directly across from the High School, but there's just an empty lot there today.



The Sage Motel at 633 Broadway. The current owner is Roger Patel, but could only tell me that it was built in the 1950's.

A nice vertical sign. Looking southwest on Broadway.

The drive-thru check-in and office.
Units on the south side of the motel.
And a nice relaxing pool.

The unnamed motel at 637 Broadway is directly south and adjacent to the Sage Motel. At one time, this was known as the Motel Cinderella. The owners of the Fireside Inn swear that it is still used as a motel, but that they took down the sign recently.

This is where the sign used to be.

The office.
This photo shows the signs that were removed. Year unknown.
Units on the north side.
View of the south end of the mystery small motel.

The Silver Saddle Motel at 705 Broadway. This 25 unit motel dates back until at least 1958 as it was listed in Chris Cavette's Travelodge guide.

The current signage.

View facing east of the office.
Units in the back of the motel.
Rooms on the south side.
Rooms on the north side.
This is what it looked like in the late 50's.

This old motel is used as apartments and a trailer court today. An engraving on the front step of the old office is the only reference I have found to the Komfort Court, but I'll keep looking.

One of the adobe style units on the south side.

Units in the back of the old motel.
More rooms on the back and south side.
Possibly the old office?
The abandoned sign post up ahead.. Like in the Twilight Zone.
The "Komfort Kourt" etched into a cement doorstep.


The old Lindy's Luxury Motel was at the corner of Broadway and Canal St.. Now a vacant lot.

From an old postcard. Check out the sign. Charles Lindburgh?

Another old postcard.

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