Location #11

The Fireside Inn at 640 Broadway. This is at the corner of Mildred and Broadway, and is the only existing motel in King City on this side of the main drag. The one special aspect of this motel is the rather obvious palm tree growing through the roof of the office. Believe it or not, I actually almost missed this feature when I first photgraphed the motel, and only first noticed it when I was across the street at the Sage. I have no history on this 18 unit motel, but I have a feeling that it may have changed names since it was built.

Updated 3/31/2006... I was right. In the late 50's this was called the Palms Motor Lodge.

The current signage.

View of the office looking west from Broadway.
Units on the south side of the property.
Units on the back of the L-shaped motel.
There used to be a swimming pool.
But not any more.
Here is what the pool looked like in the 60's.
This view from across Broadway clearly shows the palm tree through the roof.
This picture of the Palms Motor Lodge is also from the 60's.
Inside the office. That's one big-ass house plant.
I wonder if they have a leakage problem with this?


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