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This page is comprised of vintage photos and images from the King City area, most of which were provided to me from the archives at the Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum located in San Lorenzo Park at the west end of King City. A few were also taken from the collection at the King City branch of the Monterey County Free Library.

The museum is excellent, and I strongly advise everyone to visit it when in the area. I have also included a few shots of some of the exhibits at the museum on this page. I want to thank Susan Kelley, and Sharon Turner for their much appreciated help and cooperation.

The old Hotel Camino Real.

The old highway coming into King City from the south.
A shot looking down Broadway from around 1920
One of the original bridges over the Salinas River.
The sign reads "$10 to $100 fine for driving over this bridge faster than a walk...or driving over 40 head of stock at one time"
Another shot of an early King City bridge looking northeast.
An early Cadillac Dealership and garage.
View looking northeast on Broadway in the 1930's. Note the Standard station in the right foreground.
This old station may have been on the west end of town in the early 1900's
One of the early bridges under construction.
View facing west of the old King City bridge over the Salinas River
An early gas pump exhibit at the museum.
Gas was a little more affordable then. It still had high tax, though.
An artist rendering of a very early Shell Gas station.
One of the many outdoor exhibits on the museum grounds.


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