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Over the years, there have been several new constructions, upgrades, and repairs to bridges over the Salinas River at King City. Piecing together the history and timeline of these bridges, and routes has proved to be much more difficult that I had originally anticipated, and has delayed my publishing of the King City section. So for now, I'm just going to put up the current photos that I have so far. I'll update the page with the historical information just as soon as I get it all figured out.

View looking north from the west side of the current 101 freeway.

Same angle as the above photo with the northbound bridge in the background.
View looking southwest of the southbound bridge.
The build date on the southbound bridge. December, 1968.
View facing west of the northbound bridge.
The Cal-Trans label on the northbound bridge.
View looking southwest on the northbound bridge.
Close-up of the rails on the northbound bridge.
View of a northbound bridge support
View looking east from the side of the northbound bridge.
A concrete support for a previous bridge just west of the current northbound bridge. #1 of 4 such supports aligned from north to south. All are about 25' wide and 125' to 150' apart.
These supports seem to match the four supports seen in this old photo.
Another shot of support #1
Looking up from the base of support #1
These small pipes go up both sides of the center of the support.
Support #2. Just next to the walking trail.
Another shot of support #2
Support #3
Another view of support #3
Support #4 is only a few feet from the current northbound bridge.
Another view of support #4 with the northbound freeway bridge visable to the right.
This is on the edge of the river about 100 ft northeast of support #1, and may be the remains of a wooden piling.
Another possible wooden piling remnant just northeast of the above photo location. Its barely visible underwater. A week earlier it was above the water line.
This is from the 1919 USGS topographic map showing a bridge aligned over the Salinas River that matches up with the 4 old bridge supports.
A current aerial shot of the bridge area.


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