Location #15

This stretch of the old alignment is located just north of the northbound freeway off-ramp to Jolon Rd.. It was abandoned in 1957 when the work was done on the bridges, and the Greenfield-King City expressway was completed. I found many references in the archives of the King City Rustler of a sharp curve in the road just after crossing the bridge leaving King City northbound before 1957. One of the goals in completing the project was to eliminate this dangerous curve.

View facing south toward the Jolon Rd. Off-ramp

Same location as the above photo facing north.
A weathered area of the old concrete highway.
A little further north. View looking north.
Same location as the above photo, facing south.
Further north as the old alignment bends toward the old bridge.
Another view looking north.
View looking south from near the current freeway.
View facing north at the northnmost end of this exposed old alignment. Note the barrier, and the northbound traffic in the background.
Same location as the above photo. Closer look at the old concrete slab.
Another view looking north just north of the barrier.
Aerial photo with this location shaded yellow.


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