Location #17

I added this location after comparing current aerial shots with the old topographic map from 1919. I saw what appeared to be an abandoned bridge on the old alignment of Jolon Rd. Upon further investigation, I discovered this classic old highway bridge over a creek just south of Pine Canyon Rd.

This is a short section of the old Jolon Rd. just north of the intersection at Pine Canyon Rd.

View looking south from a home on Pine Canyon Rd.
View facing south showing a large whole that has recently opened up on the old bridge.
A peek into the hole.
The architectural use use of pyramids and angles is interesting.
I have not seen this type of railing before.
View of the "tagged" west side.
The east side. Note the lucid political commentary.
A nice landscape shot looking west.
Close up of one of the posts.
View facing north of the old Jolon Rd. alignment.


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