Location #4

"The Swamp" ...Or at least that's what property owner Dave Burson calls this section of the old pre-1930 highway that loops around his field at 1615 S. Thompson Rd. According to Dave, when Thompson Rd was built as the highway back in 1930, it dammed up the drainage that previously flowed into the creek, and created a very wet area in the winter on his side of the road. Too wet, in fact to get in there and shoot close up shots of the old cement in the winter. I will return in the late Spring to finish shooting in this location, and will update the page at that time. Until then, I have a few shots taken from the hill on the west side of Thompson Rd., and an aerial photo of the location.


This areial photo clearly shows the old 1912 route that loops around Dave Burson's property, and the drainage that was blocked by Thompson Rd.

Wide view of the area looking east from the hill near the tomatoe farm.
This shot clearly show a section of the old cement slab.
This looks like the old cement, but it appears to have been excavated.
Another similar spot just north of the above photo.


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