Location #6

The ranch owned by Ralph Thompson at 1550 S. Thompson Rd. The old 15 ft. wide pre-1930 highway runs directly in front of the Thompson ranch just a few yards on the west side of Thompson Rd. Ralph was kind enough to let me on the property to take these pictures.

View looking north from the entrance to Ralph Thompson's ranch.

View looking south as the old cement road crosses in front of the main house.
According to Ralph, this house was built originally in 1912 near the high school in Santa Maria, and moved to this spot around 1980.
Close-up of the exposed cement and asphalt.
Nice shot of the edge of the cement slab.
View facing south just south of the main house.
An old culvert on the original highway.
Another view of the well-preserved culvert.
Close-up of a broken section of the culvert showing the familiar diorite matrix.
This is actually the matching culvert on Thompson Rd. showing the date that it was built.
View looking south from the south end of the ranch.


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