Location #8

More of the old 15 ft. wide pre-1930 highway on both sides of Thompson Rd. at a point near the top of a hill about 500 yards north or Poague Rd.. It crosses over Thompson road here and then heads straight north into the town of Nipomo.

View looking south. I know this stuff starts to look all the same after a while, but I try to be thorough.

Close-up showing the exposed cement and asphalt.
View facing east of a nice little section of the old cement road.
Same place as the above photo looking north.
More of the old cement facing south.
Close-up view.
This is now on the east side of Thompson Rd. Some recent grading has exposed this piece.
View looking south near the top of the hill. The route is now on the east side of Thompson Rd.
Close-up of the edge.
View looking north as the old route angles toward Thompson Rd., then continues straight toward the town of Nipomo.
View looking north on Thompson Rd, the 1930 route heading toward Nipomo.


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