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The Dana Adobe. This historic home is not on the 101, but it was on the original El Camino Real that was used by the missionaries. It's located on Oakglen Rd. about 1 mile south of Tefft St. in Nipomo. I'll summarize the history briefly, but for a complete history of the Dana Adobe, the "Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos" have an excellent website that you can visit at http://www.danaadobe.org . The adobe caretaker, Aaron Regez, was kind enough to give me a tour of the adobe, and even removed the tarp off of the tallow pit to allow me to photograph that location.

The 13-room U-shaped adobe, which is currently undergoing renovation, was originally built in 1839 by Captain William G. Dana on a 38,000 acre land grant that he received in 1835. For it's first 50 years, it was considered the political, cultural, and agricultural center of the region, and also served as a hospitable rest stop for travelers between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. In addition to being the Dana family home for 51 years, at various times, it also served as a stagecoach stop, a post office, a voting place, and even a train station when the Pacific Coast railway originally laid tracks through Nipomo. The Dana adobe was aquired by the SLO Hitorical Society in 1954, and was declared state Historic Landmark Number 1033 in 2001.

View looking east at the front of the adobe.

One of the older El Camino Real bells stands near the front gate.
The north side of the building.
The south side of the building.
This plaque is near the front door to the adobe.
One of the exterior walls.
An interior wall showing the old bricks.
A couple interior doorways, and hearth.
Close-up of one of the closets.
View facing northwest of the back of the adobe.
View of the back looking southwest.
Closer view of the back wall showing some seismic retrofitting.
Another view of the rear exterior wall.
This is the tallow pit located down the hill a bit in the back of the property.
There is a current archeological excavation being done in the area below the pit.
View of the top of the pit, looking northeast with old Nipomo in the background.
Captain Dana himself planted this beautiful cypress tree which still stands on the north end of the property.


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