Location #11

The historic Nipomo Barber shop, and first General Store. These two adjacent buildings are both located on the west side of S. Thompson Rd. about a half block south of Tefft St. The barber shop was built in 1886, and is unique in that it has been continueously used in that capacity for it's entire life. The current barber, Roy Bancucci was kind enough to let me take these photos, and close-up shots on the outside wall. The old General Store, is just north, and adjacent to the barber shop. It was built in 1878.

View facing northwest from Thompson Rd.

View looking southwest. Im not sure if it's original, but the post near the flag would be used to tie up horses.
Close-up of the south exterior wall showing the use of square nails in the construction.
The old original General Store. Last known as the Nipomo Trading Post.
Close-up of the signage.


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