Location #15

This is a nicely preserved section of the original highway located on the east side of the current freeway near Hemi Rd. at a point a little over a mile north of the Los Berrow Rd/ Thompson Rd. overpass.

View looking south. The old alingment crosses under the freeway here, and heads toward Quailwood Ln. and Los Berros Rd.

Same location as the above photo. View looking south.
A portion of the original cement with no asphalt.
View facing north of the old 15' wide road.
Close-up of the cement with asphalt patch.
View looking south, a little further to the north.
Same location as the above photo looking north.
View looking south from near Hemi Rd.
View facing north as it crossed Hemi Rd. near the freeway. Note the new ECR bell.


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