Location #2

The Farmhouse Motel at 425 Spring St.. This was always called the Farmhoue Motel, and was built in the late 1930's. It's unusual layout of 24 units built on tiers as the property slopes uphill to the west. Originally there were several huge oak trees in front, but there was never a swimming pool. The manager, Bill Dwyer was kind enough to furnish me with some of the details, and a old photo.

View facing north on the west side of Spring St. The original sign was shorter, and further south.

View looking west of units on the south side.
Units on the north end of the property.
View looking up the hill from Spring St. of the units on the lower tier.
View facing north of units on the upper tier (left).
Stairs in alley between the two tiers.
View of the office looking east from the upper tier.
This was from a post card with a 3 cent postage. Possibly late 50's or early 60's.


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