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The Paso Robles section extends from near the intersection of Highway 46 and Theatre drive north through the center of Paso Robles on Spring St, and ends north of town at the point where Monterey Rd. merges onto the current freeway. The original route on Spring St. was bybassed by the current 4 lane freeway in the early 60's, and north of town, Monterey Rd. marks the path of the old highway. There is one area where the original cement road is just west of Monterey Rd. Paso Robles was, and is still, a very popular pit stop on the road between LA and the Bay Area. Numerous motels mark the route down Spring St, and although there is only one remaining today, there were many gas and service stations on the old highway also. A good website to visit for info and history of Paso Robles is Dave Skinner's site at . Dave also was kind enough to supply me with some of the vintage Paso Robles photos.


Spring Street

Paso North

Paso South


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