Location #8

The 21st Street Drive-In at 2110 Spring St.. This was originally one of the early A&W drive-ins, and was started in 1959, as the sign says. It is one of the few remaining restaurants of this type that still uses car hops to take and deliver orders. They come right to your car window, take your order, deliver the food on a tray that hangs on the window, and when you're ready to pay the bill, you turn on your headlights. Very cool. They also make some of the best french fries I've ever had.

View looking north from the parking lot.

Wider view from across 21st Street. The parking spots on this side are designated for car hop service.
You can also walk up, and sit at tables if you want to.
These spots in the back are for parking only. No car hop service. It was probably added later.
View looking southeast from the east side of Spring St.


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