Location #15

The Avalon Motel at 3231 Spring St.. This was a very popular and classy place to stay back in the 40's and 50's. It originally had a pool on the north side, and a restaurant in back was added in th 50's. Before 1945 it was known as Bennet's Motel. In 1950 it was called the Fentress Motel and Coffee Shop.

A classic motel sign as viewed facing south from the west side of Spring St.

The drive-thru office.
View looking west of the units on the northwest corner of the motel.
The assistant manager's son informed me that this dirt area was where the pool was located.
This was probably an umbrella/table at one time.
View looking east of the office.
This building in back was originally the coffee shop in the 50's. It's unusual to see a coffee shop like this hidden behind a motel.


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