Location #C

The old route veers off to the east and goes through a ranch at 5379 Monterey Rd for about 200 yards, then merges again with Monterey Rd. The ranch is the property of Joseph C. Brown, and his grandson, Daniel Brown was kind enough to allow me onto the property to capture these images. This is approximately 1 mile north of Paso Robles.

View facing north of the well preseved section of the old cement. Monterey Rd is to the left.

Shot showing the asphalt layer on top of the original cement.
View facing south from the north end of the ranch.
Same place as the above photo. View from the fence. Horses and cows have destroyed this part a bit.
View looking north from the ranch.
View facing south as the old highway cuts through the north side of the ranch.
Close-up of the cement on the north side of the ranch.
View looking south from the ranch.
View facing north as the old cement road cuts through the south end of the ranch.


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