Location #D

This stretch of the old cement highway dates back to well before 1920, and is located on the property of Don Hunter at 6229 Monterey Rd. The original route runs through the fields just a few yards to the east of Monterey Rd. Mr. Hunter was kind enough to allow me permission to go on his property in order to take these photos.

View looking south at the south end of the field. It's pretty overgrown here.

View from the same spot as the above photo facing north. The Hunter ranch is to the top left, and Monterey Rd. is to the right.
Closer view showing exposed cement.
View facing south from the access road to the Hunter ranch.
View looking north from the access road.
Another view looking north just north of the above photo.
View facing south a bit north of the previous location.
Another view facing south a bit north of the previous location.
View looking north as the old route merges into Monterey Rd near the north end of the Hunter ranch.


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