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The old Moon Valley Cabins Tourist Lodge located at 6905 Monterey Rd.. This was an old cabin style auto park probably dating back to the 20's. I'm still researching this location, but you can tell from the old sign that it must have changed names at one time, and according to a neighbor, there used to be cabins on both sides of Monterey Rd, but the ones on the west side were demolished when the current homes were built. According to local resident and business owner Joe C. Brown, there was also an auto court located directly across the highway from the Moon Valley, known as Barton's Oasis Auto Court. Nothing remains of this today, but it was built prior to the Moon Valley Cabins.

Updated 6/10/05..... Thanks to Judy Metcalf who was kind enough to e-mail me with some addition information, and a great old photo. Her grandparents (Gibson) and parents (Cloud) owned the lodge back in the 1940's. Judy was just a little girl at the time, but remembers the train coming by and the engineer would throw taffy to her. The last shot on the page was sent to my by Judy on 12/15/05.

This classic old sign still standing after all these years.

The names of the people are, from left to right; John Seidlinger, Charles Cloud(Judy's Dad, who was part owner in the lodge), Judy, and Jack Thompson... the photo was taken around 1946

View looking northeast of the boarded up units on the north end of the property.
Closer view showing one of the cabins. Note the attached garage.
One of the units in the back of the property.
Wider view facing northeast from Monterey Rd.
Another vintage photo of the lodge. View from the highway. (Photo courtesy of Judy Metcalf)


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